Alif Episode 11 by Umera Ahmed


Alif Episode 11 by Umera Ahmed الف قسط نمبر 11 از عمیرہ احمد

Qalb e Momin, Teena, and Momina were discussing the script of film Alif. Abbas entered into the office. He was the actor who signed the film Alif. But after studying the script he rejected the role. As well as Momina signed the film, Abbas and all other actors who denied the film story, now they are coming back. It was the breaking news, The academy award winning actress Momina Sultan signs her new film in Pakistan leaving Hector’s upcoming merit Urban Saga. Alif Episode 11 by Umera Ahmed

Makeup artist puffed the face of Momina Sultan and with the last touch, she asked how she is looking now? Momina reviewed herself in the mirror. She felt she is just looking like Husn e Jahan. When Momin saw Momina, he became frozen to see her.

Qalb e Momin did not know about the background of Momina Sultan. He did not know about her father and mother. While, Momina knew about the Husn e Jahan and Abdul Ali, who was the grandfather of Qalb e Momin. He was a calligrapher and Taha was his son who loved an actress, Husn e Jahan. When he was discussing the story with his team to make a film. He was exploiting the character of Husn e Jahan but Momina argued for the Husn e Jahan’s character in the film.

Qalb e Momin was showing the character of Husn e Jahan as a common girl who was flirting with other men. Momina Argued about her, she responded, Husn e Jahan was also a mother of a baby. She wants to facilitate her baby with happiness and joys. So she was trying to sell her pictures to but joys for her baby. These true facts blew the mind of Qalb e Momin. He knew well he is exploiting the life of Husn e Jahan. He knew better about her mother but because of he hatted the Sultan so he was making the false story of Husn e Jahan.

Alif Episode 11 by Umera Ahmed
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