Alif Episode 8 by Umera Ahmed


Alif Episode 8 by Umera Ahmed

الف قسط نمبر 8 از عمیرہ احمد

Husan e Jahan penned down a letter to Sultan. She wrote this after many months. So she was expecting it will surprising and shocking for Sultan. She wrote in a letter about her happy life. She told she is living in a single room home. She works in her garden in the whole day. She also told the good news to Sultan. She was pregnant and Taha said we will be blessed with a boy baby. They suggest a name for a newborn.

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Momina was travelling back to Pakistan from New York. She does not know who will be his co-passenger with her. She was alone while travelling from New York to Turkey. Qalbe Momin was there on the side seat of Momina. Both were expecting they will change their seats.

Alif Episode 8 by Umera Ahmed

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