Firon O Kaleem [The Moon of Israel] Urdu Novel


Firon O Kaleem = Read About the Biblical Story of Exodus in Urdu

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Translator of this novel, Firon O Kaleem, Mr. Mazhar al Haq Alwi states at the start of Novel, it should be translated into Urdu as soon as possible. But due to many reasons, its translation was late, at last now, I completed the translation and the book is available for you here below to read online or download free in PDF format. He also states that this translation is different from the original English novel. He states that Author did not mention the names of Prophet Moses and Aron. However, translator changed many important facts of novel/story of Moses. The author is a Christian so he wrote this story by keeping in view the Biblical Books.

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Firon O Kaleem [The Moon of Israel] Urdu Novel Firon O Kaleem = Read About the Biblical Story of Exodus in Urdu
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