Dua Jannat Ki Kunji

Dua Jannat Ki Kunji Hey is an Urdu book compiled by Khurram Murad. It is requirement of worshiping that we should make ourselves slave of Almighty Allah and should always demand for our needs and poverty and all other demands from Allah, because Allah is only creator and Lord of all creatures. It is the great blessings of Allah for newly born kid who is looked after by two humans (Parents), if Allah do not realize them about their kid then that kid not can not remain alive. So in Chapter Opening of Holy Koran, we recite in these verses that we worship only (Alone) Allah, and always ask for help. Allah also says that if all creatures become so obedient and faithful than Lordship of Allah never increase or decrease. If we demands from Allah gives us from His lordship because Allah is only the Ruling Judge in this universe.

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