Kharji Firqey Ki Pehchan

Kharji Firqey Ki Pehchan is an Urdu Book which was originally authored in Arabic in light of Fatwa of Islamic Scholars of Saudi Arabia. Then it was translated into Urdu by Fazal u Rehman Nadwi. If we read history we will come to know that after a battle of Siffin a group or sect came into existence and known with name of Kharji (Outcasts or Externals). Muhammad PBUH said about these Kharjis that after me a group of people will arise and recite holy book but it would not go beyond their throats, and they will pass through the Islam as an arrow pass through prey and never come back, so these people when they will pass from Islam, will never come back in Islam, these people (Kharji) will be the worst people in all creation and creatures.

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