Mazameen e Quran

Mazamin e Koran is an Urdu book compiled by Zahid Malik. The compiler of this book say the main cause of this book is that , I daily, recite Holy Quran early in the morning after Fajar prayer like a true Muslim, and I consider the meanings and secrets of words of Holy Book, and I was revealed a new world of meanings and secrets of this book about universe. He also say that I know when first day in Islamic history Mother of Believers Khadija r.a listened verses of Holy book, from that time the number of listeners and reciters is increasing day by day. He says I wished to take part in work for preachings of Quranic verses so I daily write verses of Quran in my hand book under its related different and after a long time I see there are many subjects and its related verses in my hand book. The subjects of this hand book has been categorized as from creation of universe, creation of Adam and Eve, affairs of Day of Judgement and affairs after death and life, details about Heaven and Hell, ways to live life according to best way of social, politics, economics, law, rules as well as reality of different nations and details about their rise and fall. I hope this book will help you in passing your daily life and will help you in understanding the meanings of Holy Book Quran.

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