Anwaar al Quran

Anwar ul Koran is an Urdu book compiled by a friend and companion of Mehmood Hasan, known as M Anees Ahmed. This book was compiled in 1920, and was published before partition of India. This book was unavailable from last half century and one script of said book was possessed by Shahid Ahmed son on Maulvi Anees Ahmed. He gave this great treasure of knowledge to central Union of Asrar Ahmed, now for the public interest and serving the Muslims community this book was again published by Aakif Saeed. Anees Ahmed was a great person who was dedicated the passion of Jihad and struggle for Muslims, after attaining the degree of graduation from Ali Garh University he kicked the designation of Deputy Collector granted to him by British Govt. he went to Delhi where he got admission in institute founded by Ubail Allah Sindhi and after gaining knowledge he went to Deoband to get knowledge from Maulvi Mehmood Hasan. Where he became an active participant of Silk Movement and blamed by British Govt as Rebel and was imprisoned in Burma. Detailed information about Anees Ahmed are narrated by Asrar Ahmed in an introduction essay Taqdeem and also in another essay Taaruf by Shahid Ahmed son of Anees AHmed, both articles are attached in the following book in separate chapters.

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