Taysir al Karim al Rahman (Tafseer Al Saadi)

Taysir al-Karim ar-Rahman fee Tafsir al-QuranTaysir al Karim al Rahman (Tafseer Al Saadi)
is a tafseer written by Abd ar-Rahman ibn Nasir as-Sa’di at-Tamimi (1889–1956) was a prominent Islamic scholar, jurist, exegete, and Arabic grammarian with a great interest in poetry who contributed many works on a variety of subjects.Taysir al-Karim ar-Rahman fee Tafsir al-Qur’an’ – Tafsir of the Quran is most famous work by him.
The importance of this PDF book uploaded here is this you can chose easily Para number to read directly tafseer of that Section. all 30 sections are added here in a single book , read or downlod, to download read instructions before your choice….
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