Monotheism-A Secret of Earth [Fitrat Ki Nishaniyan]

When we will discuss the earth it is related to the Oneness of Allah. When we discuss monotheism it is related to Nature as well as proportioned with the earth. It is a planet that is only rehabilitated with humans, a social animal who lives on the earth. Allah says we set the earth for humans. As we know earth is the main source of food for all creatures on the earth. Although there are many other major factors that work with the earth for all creatures.

Monotheism-A Secret of Earth [Fitrat Ki Nishaniyan]
Monotheism-A Secret of Earth [Fitrat Ki Nishaniyan]

Yes, it is true the earth is dead in itself but with the order of Allah its Earth’s duty to provide blessings and food to all creatures. In the Koran Allah says, He who gives the food to you all. As well as we get the food but we also get the many minerals and metals which are better for humans. All agriculture related to the earth. It is also true the volcanoes also hidden under the earth if they come out to the surface there would be nothing living on the earth. Gravity is also an important blessing for us due to which all things are not hanged in space.

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