Role of Wind in Nature [Fitrat Ki Nishaniyan]

Almighty Lord, Allah says, the wind is the father and mother of nature. It means that these winds make us pleasant, happy, and satisfactory. These winds play an important role in nature who carry the water and clouds for rain. If in a year the wind stops in nature, then the trees and plants will remain fruitless. It is why the winds are the major source of the process of reproduction in trees and plants. The winds help the pollination process to be fruitful. Although, many animals like bees and honey bees play the role of pollination in plants. But the winds are a major source for this process. Similar to these winds play a very important role in the raining.

Role of Wind in Nature [Fitrat Ki Nishaniyan]
Role of Wind in Nature [Fitrat Ki Nishaniyan]

The other duty of the wind assigned by the Lord, Almighty, Allah is to move the water in the sea. This movement of water in the sea gives food to the creature in the sea. Winds also move the poisonous air from the cities towards the jungles and forests. In return, the wind gives us fresh and healthful air. The wind blows with some rules and laws. It shows it is controlled by someone who is the lord and creator of the universe.

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