Kingdom Under the Sea [Fitrat Ki Nishaniyan]

One can not imagine the amazing views beneath the sea. One will see all kinds of animals in the sea. These animals would be the most smaller and might also be the most larger in size. It is nice to mention here that the crocodiles are the most larger animals of the sea. Their length may be 33 meters long and they may be 125 tons in weight.

Kingdom Under the Sea [Fitrat Ki Nishaniyan]
Kingdom Under the Sea [Fitrat Ki Nishaniyan]

It is strange to know that these animals of heavyweight keep the strange organs in weight. The weight of the organs can be like as below: Tong 3 Tons, Heart half-ton, Liver 01 Ton and mouth length maybe 1 meter and body diameter can be 04 meters. Even the newborn baby of these animals can be 07 meters long. The weight of these animals is 04 times more than the bigger dinosaurs. This animal can eat 10 thousand prawns at once.

Now we can talk about the trees and under the sea. These trees and plants in the sea are very large in size. Their size and length are about 100 meters. At the lower level of the sea, the plants and trees created large jungles which are very more than on the earth. Allah says He flowed the rivers of sweet and saltwater which can not intermix.

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