The Untold Story of Columbus == A Fraud of History and a History of Fraud

In fact, Columbus and his crew were thinking about China and Japan when they reached America, the first time. They were searching splendour buildings which were stated by Marco Polo in his voyage memories. Soon, they saw red Indians, who were thinking about Columbus and Crew are their helpers sent by God from the ocean. The Red Indians gave great honour and respect to Columbus and his companions. On his return back to Spain, he kept few Red Indians, Animals and Gold with him to prove his discovery in Spain.  امریکہ کی خفیہ تاریخ، کرسٹوفر کولمبس کی ان کہی حکائت. Read Book in Urdu Here

Pope Alexander 4 Granted Newly Discovered Land “America” to Spain

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          The Untold Story of Columbus[Hidden History of America 1 in Urdu] The Untold Story of Columbus == A Fraud of History and a History of Fraud

          Many Historians said Spain and many European were searching for the approach to the East, India and China. Who was Columbus? No one knew, even the books, films and serials made on his life, never tell us about his religion. Now it is clear by scholars, he was a Jew. Letters of Columbus written by him to his family revealed he was a Jew. Because he used to write a sacred code at the start of every letter. The Untold Story of Columbus[Hidden History of America 1 in Urdu]

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        • In those days it was the power of Pope to divide any territory to a Christian king or queen. Thus the newly discovered land of America, by Columbus, was granted by Pope to Spain. This grant was never accepted by France and England. After the divine and sacred approval by Pope, Spain again set a voyage to new discovered America to get control over there. How they killed Red Indians there, history revealed to us as The Untold Story of Columbus [Hidden History of America 1]. It is a truth, Red Indians were behaving with Spanish people like a divine help from God. But they did not know, in reality, it was a Temptation, Punishment and anger for them.

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