Watergate Scandal Explained -American President Admitted Grave Omission

Why the Watergate scandal is important? Vietnam war and Watergate scandal finished the faith of Americans had in American government and built a trust in Media. This scandal caused a destruction of the American administration and changed the way of American politicians. Many reports say President Richard Nixon was a criminal in Watergate Scandal. He was behind the scandal which led him to a corrupt administration. Richard Nixon was the first American President who resigned from his office. 

Watergate Scandal Facts and Summary

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      • Watergate Scandal Explained [Hidden History of America 8 in Urdu] Watergate Scandal Explained -American President Admitted Grave Omission
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        • Nixon claimed it was a matter of National Security. House of representatives started the process of impeachment. At last Richard Nixon was charged with the obstruction with the justice, abuse of power and contempt of Congress. On 09 August 1974, Nixon was forced to resign the presidency due to Watergate scandal. Gerald Ford was appointed as Vice President and later on, was appointed as President after the corrupt Spiro Agnew resigned. A Wanted and Suspected List was created after a detailed research.

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