Fazail e Ramzan by Maulwi M. Zikriya


Fazail e Ramzan by Maulwi M. Zikriya

فضائل رمضان از مولوی محمد زکریا صاحب

Fazail e Ramzan by Maulwi M. Zikriya. The people who have some interest in religion. They should Know the importance of this Month of Ramdhan. This book is written to explore the virtues of Ramdhan 2019. Muhammad PBUH said if a single man is guided by your preachings then you might get something great in this reward.

All Days of the Year May be Ramzan

Muhammad PBUH also stated if the people of my Ummah come to know about the value of Ramzan. Then they should desire the whole year, all days of a year may be Ramzan.

Companions of Muhammad & Ramzan

It is also stated in history, once a group of companions of Muhammad PBUH participated in a Ghazwa. There they did not have enough cloth so could save their faces from sunshine. While it was the season of hot/summer. There was a high temperature in the battle field and they were saving their faces from sunshine with their hands. But they were with the fastings and Muhammad PBUH forbids them.

Chapters of This Book

Fazail e Ramzan by Maulwi M. Zikriya
Hadiths of Ramdhan (Chapter 1)
What is Laila Tul Qadar
Aitekaaf (Chapter 3)
Last Chapter (A Detailed Article about Virtues of Ramdhan)
Fazail e Ramzan by Maulwi M. Zikriya

In Chapter 1, there are 10 Hadiths in details about the virtues and blessings of Ramadhan 2019.

2nd Chapter of this book contains the Hadiths about the Laila Tul Qadar. There is also a short Tafseer produced by the compiler of this book.

Aitekaf is also another Sunnah of Muhammad PBUH which is performed in the last week of Ramadan. The third chapter of this book contains three Hadiths about Aitekaf.


At the end of this book, the compiler concluded the important findings. He abstracted these findings from the Hadiths and Quran. These findings are collectively are very important and has importance for all Muslims. Fazail e Ramzan by Maulwi M. Zikriya. What is the importance of Ramdhan and how we can avail more and more virtues and blessings in Ramdhan?

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