Hina Digest April 2019 [Download PDF Free]


Hina Digest April 2019 [Download PDF Free]

حنا ڈائجسٹ اپریل 2019 ڈاؤنلوڈ پی ڈی ایف

Qadar has been trapped by Ali Sher. But Hamdan saved the Qadar. As a result of this corral Damage, Ali Sher was killed by Hamdan. Qadar requested his father for a meeting with her mother. The request was accepted and soon she met with her mother. Her mother informed about the death of his brother. Her mother also told the story of separation from her father. She also blamed herself that not only she but her husband Suleman is also responsible.

Ideal by Wajiha Bukhari

A Complete Urdu Novel in Urdu by Wajiha Bukhari. Sidra saw the picture of a handsome and young man. She pressed her ideas of his good looking for her friend. Hasan Ali and Sakeena begum had three sons. Their names are Inayet Hussain, Shah Meer Hasan, and Abdullah Hasan. First two were twins and the third was a single baby by birth.

Last Episode of Me Raqsam

Bushra Siyal is a famous Urdu novel writer in Pakistan. Me Raqsam is the one of her best novels. This novel continuously as published for 20 months in Hina Digest. The readers of this story raised many objections to the plot of this story. But, at least it was a good novel by Bushra.

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  • Aseer e Ishaq by Sidra tul Muntaha
  • Khil Utthey Gulab by Hina Bushra
  • Khasara by Farzana Habib
  • Ideal by Wajiha Bukhari
  • Me Raqsam by Bushra Siyal
  • Shehr e Dil Ka Darwaza by Tehseen Akhtar
  • Teri Chaah Key Mausam by Rabia Iftakhar
  • Barishon Key Mausam by Saera Malik
  • Gharoor Ka Lamha by Sana Kanwal
  • Dil Key Naam Khat by Qura Tul Ain Raye
Hina Digest April 2019 [Download PDF Free]
Hina Digest April 2019 [Download PDF Free]
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