Qisasul Anbiyaa

Syed Ali Hasan Ali Nadvi r.a wrote this book for all Muslims but specially for kids who can come to know about many Prophets who are discussed in Holy Qiuran, Hadiths, History books of Israel and others. Allah sent near about 124000 Prophets and Messengers to guide humanity , for His blessings and relief from Hell and Devil. So all prophets were rejected by people but they fulfilled their duty and successfully convey the message of Allah to us, they faced many difficulties in doing this job but they were so guided and innocent with divine help of Allah so they never left way of Allah , then Allah also never left alone in any difficulty , so read this book to know how thy did act that Allah never left them alone in sorrow and be like them to get relief from fire of Hell, this book was printed with the sponsor of Faisal.
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