Urdu Digest April 2018


Urdu Digest April 2018=Indean Army and Mossad Planned for Mumbai Attacks in 2008

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A state has four basic pillars in a democratic system. These pillars are known as Judiciary, Executive (Army, establishment, politicians etc.), legislature assemblies and Media (print and electronic media). It is always said by the Pakistani politicians about the interference of establishment and judiciary in systems. But it is not true. On the other hand, it is the time of need, a reconciliation and harmony should be implemented between all pillars of a state, read a special feature in this monthly edition. 

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      • Urdu Digest April 2018 Urdu Digest April 2018=Indean Army and Mossad Planned for Mumbai Attacks in 2008
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        • After many years it was declassified, the Mumbai attacks were planned by America, Israel, and Indian Army Generals read a conspiracy in the army camps. Modern mothers using a unique but strange way of training for their babies. Usually, they use English words Hello, Hye and Bye to teach their babies ethical styles and traditions in a society of Pakistan. The children who have no homes, no parents and no shelter should be adopted by us. Read an interesting travelogue of Italy.

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