Seerat e Rasool Ki Iqtasadi Ehmiat


Seerat e Rasool S.A.W Ki Iqtasadi Ehmiyat is an Urdu book by Tahir al Qadri about economic aspect of life of Muhammad PBUH. It is clear that economic is life of humans, whether individual or systematically. Each civilization which is responsible for his citizens. Because, Islam is a complete & perfect system of humans so it provides us Comprehensive rules for applied, theoretical and practical economics. If we un-follow these Islamic rules than our life may be disordered. In Islam first time Allah introduced for humans that all kind of economics are fidelity of Allah and Islam finished absolute ownership of a single human in society. At level of State, in Islam, state is responsible for economic growth of citizens and state will provide them all kind of professions, and will sponsor the humans for their needs, while interest and usury is an real & main Contraception in righteous economic society.Practically, after migration of Muhammad PBUH from Makkah to Madinah, we can see an example of “Brotherhood of Madinah”, In following book Dr Tahir al Qadri, explored the applied and practical economic from life of Muhammad PBUH. Hope this book will help to understand and follow the rules and law of Islam for peaceful society.

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