Kiran Digest January 2019 [Download PDF]


Kiran Digest January 2019 [Download PDF]

کرن ڈائجسٹ جنوری 2019 پی ڈی ایف ڈاؤنلوڈ

Hawayen Rukh Badal Gayeen episode 15 by Nighat Abdullah. Shab e Nam Ki Sahar by Rukh Chauhadry. Muhabbat Kimia Gar by Quratul Ain Khuram. Sagar Kinarey episode 3 by Umm e Taifur. Sagar Rang e Siyah by Aimal Raza. Aas Gali by Mansha Mohsin. Sirf Tum by Anam Khan. Tawiz by Munam Malik. Khushion Ki Bahar by Hina Ashraf. Chamkata Asman by Sadaf Asif. Raaz by Nazeer Fatima. Nazo by Muzzammal Saleem. Maraan Morning by Nadia Baloch. Ghubar e Rah by Rashida Rifat. Ehsas e Bartari by Andleeb Zahra.

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Kiran Digest January 2019 [Download PDF]

Sirf Tum is a romantic love story by Anam Khan. This story is a featured story of Kiran January 2019 edition. Rania was a young girl. Her sister requested to do some work at the roof. When Rania arrived there she saw Shaheer. He asked her why she is doing work of her sister. Rania replied I work for all family members upon their request. Shaheer ordered her not to work anymore. Rania asked why and ran away from the roof.

On the other hand Rania was engaged with Asfar by their parents. Rania was older than Asfar but both were silent on the order of their parents. What is the end of this love triangle? To know you will have to read the full story.

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