Hayaat e Anbiya

Hayat e Ambiya is a short book by Maulana Jalaludin Sayuti and was translated into Urdu by Saeed Ahmed. This book is subject to discuss about life of Prophets after death. There are many arguments for their lives after death, as when Muhammad PBUH went on Ascension then Muhammad PBUH also saw Prophet Moses was offering prayer in his grave, even Muhammad PBUH talked with all Prophets like alive people in this world and Muhammad PBUH also pontificate for them in Al Qudas. Even Muhammad PBUH said Allah prevented the soil not to eat bodies of Prophets and a Prophet leave his grave after 40 nights by order of Allah, Muhammad PBUH also said on Friday , I myself listen praising by Muslims for me and if some one is far then an angel convey these praise to me and I pen them down on a blank page, similarly there are many narrations about life of Prophets even they passes away, but in Koran Allah says about martyrs that do not call them dead but alive and they are given blessings from Allah, so if martyrs are alive than Prophets who have many many above ranks as being a Prophet than they are also alive and Muhammad PBUH listens us.

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