Falsafa E Ghaibat e Mehdi

Falsafa e Gheibat e Mahdi a.s is an Urdu book which deals with the philosophy of Absence of Hazrat Imam Mehdi a.s. This book is authored by a Shiite Scholar Allama Sheikh Sadooq r.a, while it is translated into Urdu by Prof Mazhar Abbas Chauhdri. All Muslims have faith for coming of Imam Mehdi a.s but some people from Muslims do not believe in it and say no Mehdi will come now. But According to philosophy of Holy Book and according to needs of final battle with Satan, even Sayings of Muhammad PBUH, also ensure the arrival of Mehdi a.s, It does not mean to wait only but it demands to wait with practicals and to pave the way for arrival of Mehdi a.s. Philosophy of Absence of Imam Mehdi a.s demands from us to train ourselves, our nations and others for welcome of Mehdi a.s. We should act according to Koran, Life of Muhammad pbuh, according to educations of our Imams, right guided scholars and wait for Imam for the victory, do not act anti Islam that when Mehdi come and hate from us, with this the following book here to read and act according to Koran, Life of muhammad and Imams, right guided Islamic scholars.

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