Ghareeb e Rabza (Abu Zar Ghaffari)

Ghareeb e Rabza is a specific term which is used for Hazrat Abu Zarr Ghaffari was the companion of Muhammad PBUH. After death of Muhammad PBUH, Zar r.a went to Syria and where he usually dissented with Muawiya r.a. Even Zar was sent back to Madinah where third Caliph Hazrat Othomon r.a expelled Abu Zar from madina to a horrible desert known as Rabza. It was according to prophecy of Muhammad PBUH about Abu Zar that he will live alone and will also die alone and will also arise after death alone. There when Muhammad PBUH went for battle in summer season and many Muslims made excuses, Muhammad and some pure Muslims went for war, Abu Zar had no animal for riding so he went to on foot and remained very far from Caravan of Muhammad PBUH, at last when reached the caravan. Whole incident was shown in this animated video Ghareeb e Rabza.

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