Fiqh Jafri aur Mukhtalif Makatib e Fiqh

Fiqh Jafari aur Mukhtalef Makaatib e Fiqh is a short book Mufti Abdul Kareem Mushtaq. Basically it was a short lecture or thesis which was delivered to audience of Shiites community held in Ancholi Society Karachi on 18 September 1980. For public interest and preaching of Shiites sect it was published. In this short book compiler gave many proofs and logic which proved that Shiites Sect is very close to wisdom, strategy of Human nature, logic, philosophy of humans and acceptable for Humans. However, by adding this book here not means that any one sect of Muslims is best and other one is wrong, but only for education and to learn tolerance and patience us for peaceful Islamic Community in the world.

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