Bolshevism aur Islam

Bolshevism & Islam is an Urdu Book by Maulana Abdul Hamid Qadri Badayoni, this book have subject that Islam is a complete system which is perfectly applicable to every human in this world, Muhammad PBUH also mentioned in his life that Islam has two things which are main first is relation of Allah and man which is called Rights of Allah to perform our duties as Prayer for five times, keeping fast, paying Zakat, etc. while others are public affairs under which a society well formed these affairs called Rights of Humans which are must and Allah will never forgive us if we show any negligence in performing these rights. These two main affairs are part of System of Allah and in this system Allah dislike any other system which is Anti Islam or Non Islamic, but many people think that Bolshevism & Islam are same, they are on wrong side. Islam shows the example of a social society before 1400 years but after Caliphate changed to Kingdom and system became divided into many classes of community and lower class fallen in poverty but higher classes became rich and privileged and ruling. This fault is on our side it is not fault of Islamic System.

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