Bhai Bhai (Shia Sunni)

Bhai Bhai (Shia Sunni) is an Urdu book by Dr. Ghulam Jilani Barq, he says in childhood where he lived there was only one sect of Muslims,Sunni. Only one mosque and he learned from that mosque where two scholars taught us and all students discussed critically about all other sects. Writer says, I thought that only Sunni sects is true Muslims and they will get salvation after death. I was told that Shiites are Non Muslims because they abused Companions (Hazrat Abu Bakar Sadique r.a, Omar r.a, Othman r.a and many others) , Shiites deny Holy Last Book Koran and they are misguided. But after many years my mind was changed because I saw many riots and clashes among sect of Muslims i.e Shiites and Sunni. So it was my duty to write literature for Muslim’s unity. So , I ,first time studied books of Shiites sects (Tafsser, Fiqh, History etc.) and I came to know that I and many Sunni Muslims have wrong and incorrect ideas about Shiites. There are few differences among both fiqh but no body, seriously tried to finish these differences. So it was main cause by using enemies of Islam, they harm Muslims. So , if we Muslims try our best than we can unite Muslims and can defeat Enemies of Islam. So I hope following book is a step towards unity, veracity and purity of Islam.

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