Aik Islam

Aik Islam (One Islam) is an Urdu Book by Dr. Ghulam Jilani Barq about Unity of Nations as well as invitation to all Nations to embrace Islam and accept it is universal truth. Islam preaches us only Love, Unity, Faith, Oneness of Allah, Well Guided Prophet hood of all Prophets and Muhammad PBUH as last and Leader of all Prophets sent by Allah for humans. The Purpose of man to sent him on earth was to prove his wisdom for Devil and those who denied Adam and disobeyed Allah’s order. This Book will discuss all universal and self made religions and will try to tell us all (i.e. Budha, Karishan, Zartushat, as well as Islam, Judaism and Christianity) were only for all humans without any distinguish of language, color, nationality, geography and progeny among them.

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