Rooh Allah 9 [Imam Khomini]

Now the Imam became very older and weak by his physical body. But he was powerful by his mind and decisions. His real-life was hidden from cameras. Even her wife remained hide from cameras. When Imam arrived back in Iran, he decided to live in Qom. It was why this city had many memories of struggle. In 1980 due to heart disease, Imam was admitted to a hospital in Tehran.

Imam was offered to live in any one palace of King Reza Shah Pahlwi. He denied living in the palace and Imam advised him to find a simple home in any simple street. So Imam shifted to a street known as Jamaran till his death. Imam had no enough money to buy this home so he got it on rent.

Salman Rushdi wrote a book known as the Verses of Satan. The world put attention towards this book because this book has many blasphemies about Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Imam said this book is the initiative for the constant blasphemy about Islam. He issued a Fatwa against Salman Rushdi. The tragedy of Bloody Friday in Mecca also happened in 1987.

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