Azab E Qabar

Azzab E Qabar (Wrath in Grave) is a reality which can not be denied by Muslims as well as all those people who have Books from Allah, including Christians and Jews. But there are many people have not any faith and called Atheists, do not believe in any power of Allah even they denied life after death. But Islam and Muhammad PBUH said ,  Grave-punishment is a reality, quoted by Imam Bukhari.  The following book having details about death, life after death, punishment or wrath in grave. This book, also, will answers those questions raised by Atheists in denial of wrath in grave or punishment in grave. I think punishment in grave is a stage where Allah wants to reduce the punishment after judgement day for a sinful person. Any how, we should always pray to Allah for his forgiveness, blessings and pleasures. We can not claim not to be a sinful but our prayers can save us from anger of Allah due to our sins. Read to act to become good & pious man.

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