Aaeye Iman Ki Fikar Kijiye

Islam is name of faiths. Basic faiths are as: Believe in Oneness of Allah and only Almighty Allah is creator of all universes, Allah sent many Prophets for guidance of human beings and Muhammad PBUH is Last and Master/Leader of all Prophets, all humans and livings have to taste death, this universe will end and that day is called Doomsday/judgement day, on that day Allah will ask about life in this world on earth, and who passed their life according to guidelines of Prophets sent by Allah will go to heaven for ever with blessings of Allah, and who denied guide lines of Prophets will, surely, go to hell for ever. These are few basic faiths, believes of Islam , which are necessary for all Muslims. After Renaissance in Europe & West , things were changed by Satanic System and Muslims were forced to believe those things as well as Islamic Laws. With the names of development and Science Muslims were controlled. The following book will guide how to save your faith and perform your religious duties in this world. This book is compiled by M. Ishaq Multani.

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