Suspense Digest March 2019 [Download PDF]


Suspense Digest March 2019 [Download PDF]

سسپنس مارچ 2019 ڈاؤنلوڈ پی ڈی ایف

Suspense Digest March 2019 [Download PDF] is a pretty collection of beautiful Urdu stories. The best stories are collected from the world. Then, these stories are translated into Urdu for the readers of Pakistan and India. Iliyas Sita Puri is a famous name in history writers. Usually, he penned down historical novels based on real history. Iliyas Sita Puri was passed away since ago. However, his stories are being published in the monthly suspense Classic. This section of digest pays a tribute to the stories of writers who passed away. Hangamaa e Zan ہنگامہء زن is a famous and unforgettable story of Sita Puri.

Read Some Other Famous Stories by Ilyas Sitapuri

  • Gariftaar e Bala is an Urdu translated story by Abu Al Farha Hamayun. This story is about a lover who aimed to take revenge.
  • Qasoor War is the story of a manager who was negligent. An interesting story by Tanweer Riaz
  • Khud Apney Daam Main is a story of a person who was trapped in his own trap
  • Ajeeb is a great story of Shakir Latif.

Suspense Digest March 2019 [Download PDF]. Qehar قہر is a story of some negative minded people who were misguided. Tom and Jerry is the story of a clever husband. Mirza Amjad Baig brings this moral story for March 2019 edition. The mission is a story of who was not encouraged but at last, she completed the mission.

Suspense Digest March 2019 [Download PDF]

Samar Abbas brings a story of Killer Lover. A lover who would not repent for the separation of her lover. Waqat is an Urdu story by Hussam Batt. Ahmaq is a story of two sisters who are very loving and caring. Haqeeqat is a crime story about a criminal.

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