Haalim 24 Episode by Nemrah Ahmed


Haalim 24 Episode by Nemrah Ahmed

حالم قسط نمبر 24 از نمرہ احمد

Haalim 24 Episode by Nemrah Ahmed. Haalim tried to decode the secret numbers with algorithm and ciphers but she failed. It was neither a phone number nor a bank account. She became irritated. At last, she finds a tip, she thinks it is a shift cipher code. In a simple way, it is showing the numbers against the alphabetic. 1 is equal to A and so on.

The shadow of Ariyana becomes invisible. When Asra came to know about the death of Ariyana. She became sad and grieved. She thinks, no one can reveal the secret belongs to her. She thinks … when she was standing in front of the mirror:

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Who is Cleverest of them All

In reply of these words of Asra, the mirror shows her the face of Ugly Queen
Haalim 24 Episode by Nemrah Ahmed
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