Haalim 22 Episode by Nemrah Ahmed


Haalim 22 Episode by Nemrah Ahmed

حالم قسط 22 از نمرہ احمد

Haalim 22 Episode by Nemrah Ahmed. Adam was in suspense about the story of treasure. He wanted to know about the treasure. He was walking while he was a worry. Suddenly, he saw the Datan who was at the door with a book. He asked where she was meanwhile? She replied she was investigating about the treasure. When the internet was not invented then people did research by reading books.

Two soldiers of East India Company discovered a treasure in a home. They gave few ancient things to the government. Which were sent to different museums by the government. However, the soldiers hide many worthy things for them. They sold them in the market by hiding their identity.

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Haalim 22 Episode by Nemrah Ahmed

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