Clothing Festival in Tehran [New Fashion of Dress]

  • Festival of Fashion and Clothing Fajr, the most important event in the Iranian fashion industry, began on February 26th and continued until March 2nd at the permanent exhibition of Tehran Municipality Exhibitions (Boostan Dialogue). Will find. This year’s festival, with its motley chapters and its role as an example, attempts to emphasize the role of Makran as the centerpiece of design and festival artistic creation. The beaches of the Oman Sea in the south-east of the country to the southwest of Pakistan are called the Makran coast. That is, these beaches start from eastern Bandar Abbas and continue to the border between Pakistan and Iran. Locals are called Makran, but in Ferdowsi’s poems, Makran is also written. The importance of the Makran coast is due to the fact that the only Iranian oceanic port in Chabahar.
  • The eighth fashion festival of Fajr

Watch Special Documentary of Iranian Ladies Dress in History

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Clothing Festival in Tehran [New Fashion of Dress]

Clothing Festival in Tehran [New Fashion of Dress]
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