Nau Nihal Magazine October 2018 [Download PDF]


Nau Nihal Magazine October 2018 [Download PDF]

نونہال میگزین اکتوبر 2018 ڈاؤنلوڈ پی ڈی ایف

Professor Mushtaq Azmi brings a story Aag Aur Pani Ka Khail. When a Sufi went to a court of a King what he saw there? Barra Nuqsan by Nazeer Anbalwi. False is not eternal. It ends soon and truth reveals at last. Qudarat Ka Nizam is an interesting story. When a King of Jungle, the lion was removed from his chamber. What happened after the removal of the King? Read the full story by Zulqarnain Khan.


Jadown Adeeb brings a Qeemti Tohfa. What gift you will give your mother? This story is about a young boy who was extra sensitive. He gave a special gift to his mother. To know about this special gift, read the full story. Khas Kam by Ghulam Mohudin Turk. Do you know about the difficulties of poor brothers? Read this story about two brothers who worked something special for their sister.

Nau Nihal Magazine October 2018 [Download PDF]
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