Islamic Lessons [Islami Asbaaq by Mufti Shoibullah]


Islamic Lessons=A Gift for Muslim Students of Islamic Schools [Islami Asbaaq by Mufti Shoibullah]

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The compiler of this book, Mufti Shoibullah Khan Miftahi stated this book was compiled in keeping view the need of students who are busy at their schools and have not enough time to learn Islamic Education. Nowadays, such students are busy in learning at their schools about the materialistic and they have no any knowledge of Islamic Education. This book is divided into six basic articles/ topics. These articles are as: Faiths, Issues, and Problems, Hadiths, Traditions, Supplications, and Rights. It is advised by the compiler to study only one article of this book in five days of a week only for half an hour. After a week student should be examined accordingly what he studied and got knowledge. 

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      • Islamic Lessons [Islami Asbaaq by Mufti Shoibullah] is an Urdu book compiled with detail of Islamic Faiths, rituals, costumes, traditions, supplications & Hadiths in simple language.....
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