Hamarey Aqaied aur Hamari Tareekh

Hamarey Aqaid aur Hamari Tarikh is an Urdu book compiled by a Shiite Scholar Ali Hussain Rizwi, in this book he added a short description about the faiths and believes of Shiites and then he added the short notes of history of birth of Muhammad PBUH, his Prophet-hood and migration and battles with idolaters, also added the struggle by Prophet PBUH for stability of Islam as religion of whole Makkahe as well as whole world, in fact this book is about the historical differences among Shiites and Sunni sects, he explored the historical events as authored in Shiite books and then he applied his mind to prove them as facts and events and he also proves them according to human nature and thinking, it is a best book to know about Shiites, their history and also having detail information about the Imams of Shiites from family of Muhammad PBUH, last words for the unity added by compiler are that these are their believes which are not harmful or danger for other Muslims then why Shiites are repelled by other Muslims in the world? So keep in mind as a Muslims we have to perform for Unity, Purity and Veracity….read other book by same author Siyasat Nama e Shaam

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