Ziyarat e Rauza e Rasool

Ziarat e Roza e Rasul S.A.W is an Urdu book containing many Hadiths about the pilgrimage of Makkah as well as Madina and Mosque of Prophet pbuh. This book was authored by Sheikh Mehmood Saeed Mamduh and was translated into Urdu by Allama Muhammad Abbas Rizwi. Preface was written by Mufti Muhammad Khan Wadri. In Verse of 64 of Chapter The Women (Sura Al Nisa) Allah says: If they did wrong then they have to come to you, they and Muhammad ask forgiveness of Allah for them (who did wrong), they will find Allah accepting repentance and merciful. This verse proves that every one who is Muslims, visit the Holy Prophet (Grave of Holy Prophet) even he is living very close or far from Holy Prophet (Grave of Prophet), this visit or pilgrimage will be the great grace and blessings for them. In the following book above matter has been discussed in light of Hadiths, history and commentators.

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