Hayat e Masih Ka Saboot

Hayat e Maseeh a.s Ka Saboot is an Urdu book by Abdul Rehman Bava. He mentioned in his book about faiths and believes of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani, who also reported in his book about life of Jesus and his lifting to sky, but after 12 years without any logic he denied this faith and also claimed to be a Masih or Savior, he was replied by many Muslims scholars but Mirza could not argued his faiths and died. It is worthy to mention here about books authored by Qazi Syed Suleman Salman Mansur Poori,  i.e, Ghayet Al Maram and Tayeed al Islam and Rehmat e Aalmeen, Qazi stoped debate but started intellectual dialogue with his writings and books and send these books to Mirza and predicted that Mirza would not able to perform Hajj, you will not able to write the reply of my books and you will die before my death. Surprisingly above three prophecies were become true. Here, Bawa, give us details about many faiths and debates of Mirzayees.

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