Ehl E Iman Ki Zimma Dariyan

Ahl e Imaan Ki Zumma Darian is an Urdu book by Maulana Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, writer of this book says on 22 Nov 2006, he was invited by Radio Pakistan to discuss on topic (The Responsibilities of Believers in light of Verses of Quran) ” Ehl E Iman Ki Zimma Dariyan Ayat e Qurani Ki Roshni Main” , he went to Radio Station and his script about topic of 7 minutes was broadcasted on time. But writer says he was not satisfied so he decided to explore the topic, as a result this book is now available to read, as a Muslims we all are responsible for our acts, we have some duties and rights, to fulfill duty is very strict and will be asked by Allah at end of time, our duties to care others, look after of parents, take care of youths and respect for elders, similarly all society is bound to act according to Muhammad PBUH as his life is model for all Muslims.

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