Daway e Shafi

Dava ey Shafe is an Urdu translation of Arabic “Ad-Dā’i wa Dawā also known as Al Jawābul kāfi liman sa’ala ‘an Dawā’i Shaafi”book by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya. In this book writer wrote in detail why and how a human (Muslim) involved in spiritual and physical sins and evils, and how the effects of those sins affect the internal and external body and spirit of human. Imam Qayyem wrote the concept of all these evils and gave us ways form Quran, Hadiths and life of Muhammad PBUH to overcome these sins, writer tells us how to purify ourselves from sins. Imam Qayyem Al jauzi wrote this book in Arabic, many years ago its Urdu translation was done but now it was the need of time to translate it again in modern Urdu. Originally it was translated into Urdu by Maulana Abu al Ala Muhammad Ismail Gohrwi who was Contemporary of Mualana Hali and Maulana Shibli Nomani r.a. Translator, Muhammad Ismail, was very interested to translate this book into Urdu. Then ” Idara E Teheeqat E Islami” International University of Islamabad, purchased script from translator and added many references and spelled it again by comparing it with original Arabic and correct the all words according to present Urdu by Maulana Abdul Quddus Hashmi. Publisher and his team worked hard to improve this book for readers.

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