Burj aur Sitarey! Haqiqat Kia Hey?

Human beings used to see the sky at night where many stars and planets being seen by our eyes. When at dark night , moon has disappeared then a sky looks like very colorful mat. In our childhood we did not know what is difference planets and stars. There are differences  between stars, planets and galaxies.  Although we see sky at night and many stars look in night but there in newspapers we read ” how you day will pass in light of stars” but we should read as ” how your night will pass in light of stars”, because stars are seen in night. People believe about star’s augury or stars are good. In Islam to predict something in light of stars or planets is forbidden. However our daily newspapers publish many predictions in light of stars. Here following book by Dr. Muhammad Saleem is about Stars and Planets seen in sky in many forms of the crab, lion, fish and the bull etc. Writers discussed the reality of effects of stars and planets in light of Quran, Hadiths and Islamic sources. Read and up grade your knowledge by reading Buraj aur Sitaray Kiya Kehtey Hain?

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