Anbiya Ka Asloob e Dawat

Preaching Methods of Prophets (Anbiya Ka Aslub i Davat) is a very informative book about way of Preachings of Prophets. But we, Muslims, were attracted by Greek, Roman and Hindi Philosophy , it is so dangerous for our faith of monotheism, and faith about Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Faith of Oneness of Allah is basic faith in Islam and it is so necessary for all human beings and creators to understand and believe in Allah that Allah is creator of universes and we all are creatures of Allah. But Satan knows how to damage this faith so Satan works hard to damage method of Prophets and their preachings. This book will reveal you true methods and ways of Preachings and living of Prophets. This book was originally written by Al Sheikh Rabi Hadi Al Mudakhli in Arabic and was translated by M. Anwar M Qasim Salfi in Urdu.

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