Falasteen Main Mossad Ki Dehshat Gardi

Falasteen Main Mossad Ki Dehshat Gardi by Saba Mumtaz Noor, writer says that its not enough to know only about the affairs and issues of Muslims world nut also have love for Muslims and wish of unity among all Muslims is necessary for writers who hope to discuss and pen down the issues relating Islamic World. You can also Israel A Very Biggest Lie, Mossad (Killer of Innocents), Problem of Palestine and British Roll , Lebanon and Islam (Hizbollah)Ahl E Wafa 2 End ( A True Story of Hizbullah), Holly Wood (The Companion of satan and Devil), Mission Glider (Iranian Islamic Movie), Holocaust ( What are the Facts ), Problem of Palestine and its Roots (Must Listen ), Behind the Scene of Islamic War Movie (The People of Loyalty ) ,
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