Followers of Prophet Downtrodden by Kafirs

O Allah! ALL Praise is due unto You. O Allah! none can seize what You have rescued, neither can anyone rescue what You have seized; and none can guide whom You have misguided, neither can anyone misguide whom You have guided; and none can deliver what You have deterred, neither can anyone deter what You have given; and none can make near that which You have made far, neither can anyone distance what You made near; O Allah! Rescue us by Your Blessings, and by Your Mercy; and by Your Grace; and by Your [ordained] Sustenance; O Allah! I ask You for steady bliss, that neither withers nor evades; O Allah! I ask You for bliss on the day of dreadfulness; and for tranquility on the day of fear; O Allah! I take refuge with You from the evil of what You sent our way [as fate], and the evil of what you didn’t send; O Allah! Endear to us iimaan (faith) and and adorn our hearts with it; and make us HATE kufr (disbelief), and sinfulness, and defiance; and make us from the well-guided ones; O Allah! Grant us death as Muslims; and keep us alive as Muslims; and join us among the righteous, without [us falling into] ill-repute and disenfranchisement [in Your court]; O Allah! Kill the kafirs – the people who contravene Your Prophets and avert Your [commanded] path; and unleash on them Your punishment and torment; O Allah – The True God! Kill the kafirs who were given the book (i.e., people of the book)۔ *
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