The World of Spirit [Mann ki Dunya by Dr. Ghulam Jeelani Barq]

mann ki duniya .writer name dr Ghulam Jilani Barq .plese read this book .and i think after read this book you feel something change in your life………………………….. An endeavor at explaining religious, metaphysical, mystical phenomenons, mechanism of prayer, ether, life after death, spirits, body and so fourth whilst remaining rational. Includes excerpts from western philosophers and theologians.

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This one is highly recommended book to everyone!! To all Muslims and the non-muslims, this book basically try to attach oneself to his/her own soul. The relation between ones soul and body is most important. This relation givec start up to life. The goodness and evilness is usually depict from face if person just the viewer should have eye to see. Always good or bad positive or negative ray came from body of a person as well as the most important thing these all things linked us to Allah. Everything in our lives happiness,sadness,sickness ir whatever reach to our body later but to our soul first. We get sick suddenly it base on our sins. It’s one kind of punishment. After life there are two worlds jannah and hell but both has some sections. This book amazed me and sometimes stunned me too because manything ti which i believe may be some misconception are reality. If u want to know your self particularly ur inner you have to go for this book…
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