Political Position of Islamic World

Political Situation of Islamic world (Urdu)

Aalm E Islam Ki Siasi Soort E Haal (Urdu)

 By Asrar Alm
 There was a time when Islamic Civilization was considered to be the most advanced, tolerant and progressive Civilization in the world. This was mainly because of their accomplishments in practically all the disciplines of knowledge. After 16th century AD, the situation changed drastically. Learning and inquiry was no more the motto of the Muslims with the result that today they occupy the lowest position in the ladder of the world. They are educationally backward, scientifically marginal, politically insignificant and economically poor. This is the present status of the entire Ummah amongst the comity of nations.Some years back, a well-known economist, Dr Kenneth David, presented World Bank Survey of 1980, on the educational and economic status of religious societies of the world in his book entitled “The Cultural Environment of International Business”. UNDP in 1996 also presented an exhaustive status report of UN Member counties. Since then Human Development Index reports are being issued every year for about one hundred and seventy countries. These important documents are highly revealing since they describe living conditions of all the religious societies i.e. Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, tribal religions and Muslims as well as non-religious communist society. According to these studies, Christian society is the most advanced society of the world with regard to education, health and economic wealth whereas Muslim society is the most backward on these counts. Based on the reports by David and UNDP, disparities of the status of Muslim and Christian societies are being given in the present paper. Asrar Alam Wrote Political Situation and Position of Islamic World after fall of Caliphate 1923 in Istanbul and he also analysed why Islamic world is going down due to bad policies of Islamic World and its administrators, Arabs and other great Nations who had great Islamic and developed past are falling down day by day….. Read Full Urdu Book by clicking on link given below, or scroll down more to read this book on this page ,,,,,,,,
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  1. جناب اسرار عالم صاحب نے نہایت محنت اور کوشش سے احادیث کی روشنی میں دجال اور یہودیوں کی سازشوں کو بے نقاب کیاہے علمائ کی اکثریت ان کے انکشافات سے لا علم ہے اور وقت نے یہ ذمہ داری ہماری جوان سال نسل پر عائد کی ہےکہ ہم کس طرح دجالی سازشوں اور یہود کے ہتھکنڈوں سے خود کو اور امت مسلمہ کو بچا سکیں۔
    جنا ب اسرار عالم کی باتوں کی صداقت کا اندازہ یوں بھی ہوتا ہے کہ علامہ اقبال جو انکشاف سو سال قبل کرگئے تھے جناب اسرارعالم کی فراہم کردہ معلومات اس کے مطابق ہیں۔


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