How Secret Agencies Act Upon Their Agenda

Introduction  of International Agencies and Their Procedure  It is book written by Asrar Alam (Alm) and Indian Scholar, he was only first person in Islamic World who wrote books about Jews and Zionists (Satanic People) who are working against Islam and Almighty Allah,He was only one and first one who wrote about and ancient topic of Islamic History from creation of Adm A.S and he wrote about Dajjal also (Anti Christ) I am now going to upload his books on this site, you can read this book This book is about International Agencies and about their procedure , Asrar Alm wrote about their History and their administrators and how they are paving the way of arrival of Anti Christ (Dajjal).You can Read this Book below here and
How Secret Agencies Act Upon Their Agenda
 can read it directly here
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