Ghazi Usman 1 Urdu [Episode 1 in Full HD]


Ghazi Usman 1 Urdu [Episode 1 in Full HD] or Kurulus Osman Dubbed into Urdu

Ghazi Usman 1 Urdu [Episode 1 in Full HD]. How the Caliphate/ Kingdom of Ottoman was established? To Know the history watch this serial in Urdu

Enjoy the Photos of Kurulus Osman Episode 1 Here

In fact, the episode is too long that a viewer can not bear to watch it continuously. So Pak Online decided to divide a single episode into two parts. As well as Pak Online converted the serial into HD. So now the viewers from Pakistan and India can enjoy the HD version of Full Urdu dubbing Serial of Kurulus Usman [Ghazi Usman]

Dundar Bey, who manages Kayı Obası in the absence of his brother, goes to visit Kulucahisar Tekfuru Yorgopolos with his locals and gentlemen. Its aim is to make a trade and security agreement within the framework of the relationships established by Ertuğrul Bey. However, the only thing waiting for the Kayı is not the friendship of Yorgopolos. An esoteric structure, which is disturbed by the close relationship Tekfur established with the Turks, pushes the button for a bloody operation. Osman, who goes to the castle with his uncle Dündar Bey, disrupts all plans with his heroism. It is the beginning of a dangerous adventure full of hidden connections for Osman, the black-eyed hero of Kayı.

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