Ghazi Usman 2 Photo Gallery

Who is the most trustworthy in the castle? See the Selected Photos from the Scenes of Kurulus Osman


Usman furtively enters the mansion (Castle), believing that the killers of Bamsı Bey’s child Aybars are a system of disloyalties settled in the palace, and settles on a mystery concurrence with Yorgopolos, the main individual he confides in the castle.

Be that as it may, the dead body of tekfur, which was executed following this understanding, falls at the feet of Osman.

Pursuing the killers, Osman comes to nose with the nuns who spared himself in the marsh.

Will Osman have the option to discover who the nuns really were?

Will Sofia and Kalanoz get Osman?

Or then again will Osman discover the killers of Yorgopolos and leave the castle?


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