Nukta Episode 6–Ego خودی

Allah says in Koran, I created all humans from a single origin. Then why our emotions and feelings are different from each other? The brain is the main and important organ in the human body. There are many functions which are performed by our brain. We think we imagine, our concept about anything, all are the functions of the brain. Scientists say the shape of the mind and the universe are the same. The brain size in weight is only 1200 Grams to 1400 Grams. Nukta Episode 6–Ego is the 6th part of Nukta PTV Program. Allama Muhammad Iqbal says, the ultimate aim of ego is not to see something but to be something.

Alan Watts says the ego is nothing other than the focus of concision attention. Albert Einstein calculated, more the ego lesser the knowledge but more knowledge lesser the ego.

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